HTA Decision Support Systems
Assessing the value of new medical technologies using Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)
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Our software tools for a better decision making

Welphi enables an environment to build Delphi processes quickly and easily. Defining criteria for the evaluation of Health technologies can now be transformed into an anonymous online Delphi with a large number of participants across countries and expertise.

The Wisedon Decision Support System (DSS), implements the Advanced Value Framework, a methodological framework for assessing the value of new medical technologies using the Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) approach MACBETH.


Get to know how we got here!

  • 1950s

    Origins of Delphi

    Thanks to the RAND Corporation, Delphi emerged as a necessity of gathering expert input in a systematic way by the means of questionnaire with controlled opinion feedback.

  • 1993

    The MACBETH methodology is born

    Professor Carlos Bana e Costa, of the Technical University of Lisbon creates the MCDA method which would ground our softwares some decades later.

  • 2015

    Eliciting Preferences

    This is where it all begun for us! We developed the first platform for the elicitation of patient’s preferences in an investigation project with the European Medicines Agency.

  • 2015

    Our first Delphi experience

    Imagine this, in the same year that we are starting to apply MCDA to HTA, we also developed the first platform to implement the Delphi method under the umbrella of the Euro-Healthy project: "Shaping EUROpean policies to promote HEALTH equitY"

  • 2017

    A star is born

    The first commercial version of the Welphi project reaches the market. Several companies start using it for the selection of indicators, criteria or policies, right away

  • 2017

    The Advance Value Framework

    An innovative new methodology for evaluating the benefits of new medicines has been developed by a team of researchers led by health economics and policy experts from the Department of Health Policy at LSE.

  • 2018

    HTA meets MCDA

    The first release of WISEDON meets the spotlight! Multiple criteria decision analysis can now be used throughout simple workflow to provide powerful new insights to HTA

  • 2019

    Decision Eyes

    It takes a fantastic team to spread the word. Decision eyes was created to develop new and improved tools for a faster and more inclusive HTA.

  • 2019

    Pre-seed round of investment

    In the beginning of 2019, Decision Eyes raised its first pre-seed round of investment.

  • 2019

    PT 20 20

    Decision eyes received funding from PT 2020 to promote the company's internationalization.
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Co-founder and CEO

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Co-founder and chief scientific officer

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Co-founder and chief scientific officer

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Software Engineer

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Chief Operating Officer

Diogo Soares

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